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2018 FIFA World Cup Betting Preview, Las Vegas Odds and Free Predictions

by Liev Jackson

2018 FIFA World Cup Betting Preview, Las Vegas Odds and Free Predictions

The World Cup is finally upon us with the tournament starting in just two days. It’s the world’s greatest sports spectacle and with it, comes some great upsets, disappointments and achievements before a winner is crowned on July 15th.

We’ve already previewed each of the groups and each of the teams. There are the regular heavyweight favorites such as Germany, Brazil and Spain. Then you have the next tier including teams like Argentina, France, England, Portugal and Belgium.

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Finally, you have a group of plucky upset picks such as Costa Rica, Columbia, Iceland and Senegal.

Keep on reading to see our predictions all the way to the end and where we think the upsets and achievements will come from.

Here are the teams we think will escape the group stage (*) = winner

Group A:
Uruguay* (-140)
Egypt (+700)

Group B:
Spain* (-200)
Portugal (+225)

Group C:
France* (-350)
Denmark (+475)

Group D:
Argentina* (-160)
Iceland (+1400)

Group E
Brazil* (-350)
Serbia (+750)

Group F
Germany* (-300)
Mexico (+550)

Group G
England (+120)
Belgium* (-120)

Group H
Senegal (+400)
Poland* (+200)

Round of 16:
France vs. Ireland, Winner = France
Uruguay vs. Portugal, Winner= Portugal
Spain vs. Egypt, Winner = Spain
Argentina vs. Denmark, Winner= Argentina
Brazil vs. Mexico, Winner= Brazil
England vs. Poland, Winner= England
Germany vs. Serbia, Winner= Germany
Senegal vs. Belgium, Winner= Belgium

France vs. Portugal Winner = France
Brazil vs. England Winner = England
Germany vs. Belgium Winner = Belgium
Spain vs. Argentina Winner = Argentina

France vs. England Winner = England
Belgium vs Argentina Winner = Argentina

England vs Argentina Winner = Argentina

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