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Blackjack Strategy: Knowing When to Split

by Bodog Casino

Blackjack Strategy: Knowing When to Split

Part of basic strategy in online blackjack is knowing when to split your cards and as a seasoned player, you probably already know the ins and outs of this move but for those that don’t, here’s a quick rundown.

Splitting your cards gives you the opportunity to create multiple hands anytime you are dealt pairs as well as an opportunity to double your original . It’s not advised to split every time you’re dealt a pair and it’s wise to check the basic strategy guide so you know the right timing of the splitting strategy.

So the dealer gives you a pair of eights, so now you have the option to create two hands but you must place an additional bet equal to your original bet in order to follow through. Now, you have two hands in play and the opportunity to win twice as much as you had originally intended.

Here is a quick guide as to when you should split your cards when dealt the following:

2-2 and 3-3– Split when the dealer is showing cards 2-7
4-4 – Split when the dealer is showing a 5-6
6-6 – Split when the dealer is showing 2-6
7-7 – Split when the dealer is showing 2-7
8-8 – Split anytime apart from when the dealer is showing an ace.
9-9 – Split anytime the dealer is showing 2-6 and 8,9.
A-A – Split anytime – Any hands totaling 21 after being split will not count as Blackjack but 21.

It’s not a complicated strategy to follow and the more hands of blackjack you play you’ll quickly find out that using basic strategy will produce the best results. To learn more about playing blackjack, access Bodog's Casino School or start using your basic blackjack strategy guide the next time you play at our tables.

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