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Online Poker Etiquette

by Bodog Poker

Online Poker Etiquette

Getting used to online poker play means learning a new language, set of terminology and rules of etiquette. Poker is more fun and rewarding when you are having a good time and not worrying about taunts from other players, chat abuse and wondering if you’re doing anything wrong.

Check out these three areas that will make sure your gaming style will be respectful to other players and let you concentrate on winning – not getting into a flame-war with some random idiot.

The Chat Box

BetUS Poker’s chat box is a great place to discuss hands (that have already happened), comment on game play, or congratulate a player on a nicely played hand. You’ll notice that the language you are allowed to use here is restricted to keep most of the content PG.

This isn’t a place for abuse, spam or asking someone for $10. Use it for what it’s meant for – not to rant and abuse people. Also – you can turn the chat box off and totally ignore this part of the game.

Pace of Play

Pay attention to the game! It’s aggravating when players consistently take the full time to play a hand – especially when it’s not a difficult scenario or situation. If you are playing poker, you should be doing just that – not watching TV, talking on the phone and paying attention elsewhere.

Other players appreciate attentive folds, bets and calls to speed up game play and see more winning possibilities.

Style of Play

The online Poker is a fun and skillful game and you will see a million different ways to play it online. Some players will play wildly and not the ‘right way’. Keep in mind that others may take offense to loose play (ie: when you suck out on them), but that’s nothing to worry about. Play your own game and don’t be an idiot; the rest of the game will just fall into place.

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